Donor-Advised Fund


How It Works

  1. You make a contribution to a donor-advised fund at NHPBS
  2. You advise NHPBS where you want to make grants
  3. You may make recommendations for additional grants to approved charities


  • You create a fund to support NHPBS and other charities
  • You receive an income-tax deduction for your original contribution to the fund
  • Your fund will receive professional asset management
  • You have the flexibility of making grants to charities on a flexible timetable

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Tamara Hindle
Director of Donor Relations
(603) 868-4307


New Hampshire PBS
268 Mast Rd.
Durham, NH 03824


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Contact Us

To learn more about your giving options, contact Tamara Hindle at (603) 868-4307

Tamara Hindle

Tamara Hindle
Director of Donor Relations & NHPBS Member

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